How do I find the venue?

  • All classes and parties are held att the fantastic Forum, the venue of West Coast Jitterbugs in Gothenburg. The venue is located at Doktor Fries Torg in Gothenburg, a public square built in the 1950s.
  • Public transport: Take tram nr 10 (towards Doktor Sydows Gata) and get of att Doktor Fries Torg. Plan your trip at vasttrafik.se.

Do I need tap shoes?

  • Tap shoes are not required, but the sound makes it fun! If you use regular shoes, choose a pair with a hard sole, rather than a rubber sole. The rubber sole sticks to the floor and makes it very hard to tap.

Will you give us a discount on Artefyl?

  • Yes! We are happy to inform you that Tap Artefyl gives 10% discount to all our participants, until the end of GBG Tap Weekend 2022!
  • Visit www.artefyl.com to customise and place your order.
  • ✉️ Contact us to receive the code: tapweekend@gmail.com 

Where can I get lunch?

  • Close to our venue you find a super market and a pizzeria that offers vegan options.
  • At Forum you find plates, forks, knives, glasses and a few microwave ovens available for heating food that you bring with you.

Should I bring a warm sweater & indoor shoes?

  • Yes! Especially on Friday night. Our venue is made for sweaty dancers, hence it has a very efficient ventilation system. So when standing still, the air is pretty fresh. The floor is also chilly without shoes. Since its a dance venue, out doors shoes are not allowed inside Forum. So make sure to bring a pair of shoes for indoor use.

Will there be jams in the evenings?

Can I dance lindy hop at the parties?

  • Yes! DJ:s play swing music Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. But tap dance is the focus of the weekend so be prepared to share dance floor with tap jam circles.
  • Saturday night, the Live Band Jam and Show is the main focus. We will have a sitting audience to the jam and show, but there will also be floor space so you can dance to the jam band and also to DJ music before and after.

What is a BYOB?

  • If you don’t know what BYOB is, ask a local dancer, the organisers or just keep cool and wait for the information email that will be sent out about a week before the event.