Saturday night cutting contest!

A cutting contest in tap dance is a competition where you battle another tap dancer with improvisation to a set tempo (no music), trading a set number of bars back and forth. Be sure to keep the tempo even if your opponent doesn’t, and cut them off when your bar starts!

Our cutting contest host Gustav Borehed will pair up the competitors and set the tempo and number of bars for each round.

Our judges will check that you keep the tempo and that you keep within your number of bars. If you are both amazing at that, the judges may stop the battle after some time and you just have to hope that you impressed them enough to win the battle! The judges will look at timing, creativity, variation and flash. So don’t hold back! (But keep time!)

Please, feel free to sign up on the spot on Saturday regardless of your level or experience! Let’s just have some (competitive) fun together!

We will explain the details when the competition begins during the Saturday night party, but feel free to read a bit more about it here:

Sign up Saturday!